Provider FAQs

How can I avoid delays for processing of medical bills?

OWCP is asking that medical providers submit medical bills/attachments electronically. Providers will experience much faster processing times with electronic submissions and our online notification of any bill errors further reduces processing time.

Will the government be issuing special diagnostic codes for COVID-19 patients?

OWCP has not created any special diagnostic codes for COVID 19. Providers should bill with the most appropriate billing codes for diagnostic treatments and services for COVID-19 for the work-related injury or illness.

Has the government created any Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for COVID-19 laboratory testing?

OWCP has not created any special codes for COVID 19 laboratory testing. Providers should bill with the most appropriate billing codes for laboratory testing for the work-related injury or illness.

Does CNSI have an electronic payer ID per program?

The electronic payer ID’s per program have not changed during the transition.

•    DFEC:  77044
•    DEEOIC:  77103
•    DCMWC:  77104

I have received emails to an email address that I no longer use for billing services. How do I update my contact information, including my email address?

Your provider profile can be updated by submitting a Provider Enrollment application with your updated information or by logging in and accessing your provider portal online.

What is OWCP Connect?

It is the mechanism by which all users are authenticated. You will need to register with OWCP Connect first before you can get access to the new WCMBP system.

I am a DFEC provider. Do I need to submit an authorization request for telehealth services?

Authorization requirements for DFEC telehealth bills are dependent on Provider Type and the Procedure Codes. If authorization is required, your bills must be submitted with the necessary modifiers. Please utilize the IVR for eligibility inquiries to determine if authorization is required. See the DFEC bulletin for more information. Go to this page on the portal for the DFEC Forms and References and select Medical Authorization - General Medical from the Authorization Templates list. Please utilize the IVR or the provider portal for eligibility inquiries.

I received notification that my provider license will be expiring soon. What do I need to do to update my information?

You have 30 days from the time of receiving notification to update your information. Please update your license/certification information with the updated license expiration date online via the WCMBP provider portal and submit/upload your renewed or current license/certification from the issuing agency. If you have any questions, please contact CNSI to speak to a customer service team member at the OWCP program’s phone numbers listed below:

  • Division of Energy Employees' Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC) Program: 1-866-272-2682
  • Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC) Program: 1-844-493-1966
  • Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation (DCMWC) Program: 1-800-638-7072
What should I do if my enrollment application was “returned to provider” (RTP)?

If an enrollment application is “returned to provider” (RTP) for any reason, such as incomplete or missing information, Providers may update the same application with the necessary modifications and resubmit for processing. The ability to modify RTP-ed applications was made effective March 2021. Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide, Provider Enrollment eLearning, or Provider Enrollment Tutorials for detailed step-by-step instructions.

What do I need to do if my provider licensed has expired?

If your license has expired, you must re-enroll in the OWCP System, however you will maintain your same OWCP Provider ID. Once you have logged into the system, please verify or update any information required to reinstate your profile.  For step by step instructions, please refer to the quick reference guide under “Updating Provider License in the Provider Portal.”

I can see bills up to 7 years old in the WCMBP system. How can I get access to see bills older than 7 years?

Bill history data is archived after 7 years from the date the bill was paid. Please contact the call center for access to any archived bill data. Provide the call center team member with the appropriate information to pull up the requested bills, such as Claimant ID, Date of Service, OWCP Provider ID, or any other applicable data.  A team member will get back to you in 2-3 business days with the requested bill data.

Where do I find the new authorization templates?

The new authorization templates can be found on the WCMBP Portal at: Select the respective program in the dark gray bar on that page, and click the link of the authorization type that you want to submit.

Do I have to be registered to access the forms on the portal?

You do not have to be registered to access the authorization templates.  The new authorization templates are available when you view the WCMBP Portal at: Select the respective program in the dark gray bar, and select one of the authorization templates. 

How do I submit an authorization request?

Authorization requests may be submitted via Direct Data Entry using the WCMBP Portal, or by Fax at: 1-800-215-4901 (DFEC) or 1-800-882-6147 (DEEOIC). Direct Data Entry is the recommended method as it provides real time editing and speeds the overall authorization process.