The provider search feature allows Department of Labor (DOL), Office of Workers' Compensation Program (OWCP) customers to search for medical providers in their locale. The provider search feature allows searches by: provider type, physician's last name or practice name, physician's first name, city, state, zip code, and specialty. The providers listed in the search feature are actively enrolled with OWCP Workers' Compensation Medical Bill Process (WCMBP) system as a medical provider and have opted to be included in the search feature. A listed provider or services rendered by the provider does not constitute an endorsement by OWCP, nor does it guarantee that the medical provider/facility will be reimbursed by OWCP for specific medical services provided to a particular claimant. The appearance of a specific medical provider's name in the listing does not require that provider to treat a particular claimant, even if OWCP has already advised the claimant in writing that medical treatment for a particular condition within the provider's listed specialty has been authorized.