Authorized Representative FAQs

What is OWCP Connect?

OWCP Connect registration is necessary before accessing the WCMBP Provider Portal. To register for OWCP Connect, visit OWCP Connect

What kind of self service is supported by WCMBP Provider Portal?

Authorized Representatives are able to view eligibility, authorization, case status and bill status using the WCMBP Provider Portal.

As an authorized representative, will I be able to access WCMBP Claimant Portal on behalf of the Claimant? [DEEOIC and DCMWC only]

DEEOIC’s authorized representatives will receive a letter with login credentials. DCMWC authorized representatives will receive WCMBP Claimant Portal access through the claimant- please contact the claimant for access information.

As an authorized representative of energy survivor, do I have access to the new WCMBP system on behalf of the energy survivor? [DEEOIC only]

There is no access to the WCMBP system for Energy Survivor representatives.

I have not received my authorized representative letter. How can I get a copy, or can you resend it?

If you did not receive the letter, please contact the call center.