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DEEOIC is committed to bringing the awareness and information that medical providers need to support their claimants. Click on the link for information about the program’s emergency authorization request process. Visit the Provider Homepage and go to The Provider’s Corner and Authorization Tips section on the left-hand side to view the document.

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OWCP WCMBP Provider Manual

Providers can use this OWCP WCMBP Provider Manual for helpful information regarding the Workers’ Compensation Medical Bill Processing (WCMBP) system and services.

Bill Submission

Providers can get bills processed quickly, effectively, and efficiently! For your convenience, bills can be submitted electronically or through the online web portal. Paper forms are also available for both providers and claimants to submit bills.

Training and Tutorials

Our vast provider training and tutorials library will help you successfully use the secure Medical Bill Processing Portal. Tools include Quick Reference Guides, EDI Companion Guides, Tutorials, and eLearning Courses.

Forms and References

Providers will experience much faster processing times when submitting medical bills/attachments, authorizations, and non-bill documents electronically. Forms are available in PDF format for providers to complete and mail of fax for authorization requests.

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How to Submit Overpayments Refunds to DEEOIC

The Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC) does not accept payments made by mail. All providers must submit an adjustment (corrected bill) to ensure that the overpayment created is properly reflected as an account receivable by DEEOIC. Once the account receivable is established, providers will receive a debt letter and instructions on how to service the account receivable from the Treasury's Centralized Receivables Service (CRS). For more information click here and refer to the section titled "How to Submit Refunds of Overpayments".