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Deactivation Letter:

OWCP Providers who recently received a "Deactivation Letter" due to expired license can re-activate their provider number by completing the re-enrollment process.

For step-by-step instructions on re-enrolling, please do the following:

*Registered Providers, click here.   *Unregistered Providers, click here.

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Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Reference Guide

Providers can use this Quick Reference Guide to find additional steps and resources for reviewing and rectifying EOB bill denials.

Bill Submission

Providers can get bills processed quickly, effectively, and efficiently! For your convenience, bills can be submitted electronically or through the online web portal. Paper forms are also available for both providers and claimants to submit bills.

Training and Tutorials

Our vast provider training and tutorials library will help you successfully use the secure Medical Bill Processing Portal. Tools include Quick Reference Guides, EDI Companion Guides, Tutorials, and eLearning Courses.

Forms and References

Providers will experience much faster processing times when submitting medical bills/attachments, authorizations, and non-bill documents electronically. Forms are available in PDF format for providers to complete and mail of fax for authorization requests.

Latest News

Optum PBM Error Instructions -

If you are receiving a login error message on the Optum PBM portal, please click here for further information and resolution.

OWCP DEEOIC Authorization Improvement -

DEEOIC Authorizations: Effective April 1, 2023, DEEOIC will implement process improvements for General Medical (GM), Transplant, and Transportation (Medical Travel) authorization requests. Visit our DEEOIC News section for more information.

DEEOIC Release of Bulletin No 23-05 -

EEOICPA Bulletin 23-05, effective April 1, 2023, extends the expiration date of Bulletin No. 22-03, Telemedicine allowance for Home and Residential Health Care (HRHC) and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) until May 11, 2023. This is the final extension of the allowances for telehealth visits provided as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency. After this expiration, the temporary telehealth allowances will no longer be available in lieu of in-person examinations required for HRHC and DME claims.

DCMWC Treatment Bill Attachments -

Effective May 13, 2023, the Division of Coal Miner Worker’s Compensation Program (DCMWC) will require medical providers and facilities to submit detailed supporting medical documentation for services provided to claimants for covered black lung conditions. Please refer to the DCMWC News page for further details and examples of supporting documentation.